Friday, May 1, 2015

The Remains

Nomad I was, in the seas unknown.
Lost I was, drifting alone

Like a lightening you came, sudden and intense
Like a light tower you guided, through the times so tense.

Took me through those murky waters,
to those calm beautiful and unknown shores.

On these shores away from the hustle and bustle,
Together we started building for us a castle

The memories we had so far
we used as bricks and mortar

With dreams we had for us,
we made plans so grandiose

We were building a castle so high
that it nearly touched the sky.

Things moved only after a lot of fumble and tumble
Coz shortage of time was always a hurdle.

We neared the end in spite of some breaks
But out of the blue, we could see some cracks

Feared we were of this situation,
reluctantly we went for a retrospection

In our quest for our completion
we forgot to lay a foundation.

But now it's past the point where we could handle
We were forced to leave the castle to crumble

Things took a toll and we drifted away
Each in search of our own way.


I look back at those times,
I could  only see the ruins

But still

Who said ruins can't be beautiful!!!!